Calculate your salary in Luxembourg.

How to calculate your net income ?

To calculate your net income, all you need to enter is

  • your gross salary
  • your activity (intellectual or manual)
  • your tax category (single, married, with or without children)
  • your advantages
  • your transport costs

Your net salary will be calculated automatically.
Your taxes will also be calculated automatically.
The some goes for health, pension, and care insurance contributions.


Déclaration d'impôts 2021 reportée fin juin<
Déclaration d'impôts 2021 reportée fin juin
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Déclaration d'impôts 2021
Déclaration d'impôts 2021
More info »
2020 tax return
2020 tax return
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Calculate your net income

With you can calculate the sum of your taxes as well as your net salary from the gross amount. Calculate it.

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With a simple clic, you can compare different gross amounts. Use the calculator to simulate a income raise.

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