Calculate your salary in Luxembourg.

How to calculate your net income ?

To calculate your net income, all you need to enter is

  • your gross salary
  • your activity (intellectual or manual)
  • your tax category (single, married, with or without children)
  • your advantages
  • your transport costs

Your net salary will be calculated automatically.
Your taxes will also be calculated automatically.
The some goes for health, pension, and care insurance contributions.


Réforme fiscale 2024<
Réforme fiscale 2024
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Augmentation du salaire minimum au 1er septembre 2023<
Indexation des salaires au 1er septembre 2023
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Une indexation et un crédit d'impôts depuis le 1er avril 2023<
Indexation et crédit d'impôts depuis le 1er avril 2023
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With you can calculate the sum of your taxes as well as your net salary from the gross amount. Calculate it.

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With a simple clic, you can compare different gross amounts. Use the calculator to simulate a income raise.

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